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Our moveable walls/re-locatable partitions are forms that serve to divide a building’s room and they can be joined together section by section or as one unit. Our wall partitions provide privacy and noise reduction. Depending on the model, they can be stacked, folded or on wheels enabling mobility and ease of storage.

DORMA Hüppe is the trusted global supplier of intelligent systems for versatility in room configuration. With high-quality partition solutions for conference facilities, congress centers, offices, showrooms, banks, exhibition facilities, shopping malls and similar, DORMA Hüppe offers its customers throughout the world sophisticated systems for efficient spatial management. Increasingly, flexible and efficient space utilization is becoming a must for offices, hotels, exhibition centers, studios and similar. Intelligent solutions are needed that facilitate multifunctional room configuration combined with openness and – when required – transparency as well. With DORMA Hüppe’s Movable Walls systems, you have at your disposal operable partition systems capable of harmoniously combining daylight-flooded and sound-insulated room concepts.

Variflex 100 Movable Wall System

It’s the clever technology that makes the Variflex such a special partition system. Its success derives from the clever combination of a multitude of intelligent details. Different panel types allow adaptation to a wide range of applications.
The track systems are so versatile that a partition can be readily fitted into even a small space. And the sophisticated panel design of the DORMA Hüppe Variflex ensures impressive acoustic insulation – a convincing concept based on a truly “sound” system.

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Variflex 88 - Light in weight, easy to operate

The newly developed design exhibits an exceptionally high degree of imperviousness, complemented by optimized profiles and sealing strips to produce outstanding sound reduction values of up to Rw 58 dB. And with a wall thickness is just 88 mm, the weight per unit area is also significantly reduced, bringing both handling and structural benefits.

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SKYFOLD Vertically Folding Operable Walls

DORMA offers an exclusive range of Skyfold Acoustic Vertically Folding Operable Walls which provide a unique way to subdivide space. Skyfold custom built systems are completely automatic and retract into a ceiling cavity with a simple turnkey operation.

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