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Our signage systems are information systems consisting of a variety of signs to match your business’s needs. The system includes signs with a coherent design and purpose that enables you to immediately recognize the object of your search.

Vista System was originally designed as a sign frame holder for a wide range of applications. This feature gives Vista System a huge advantage over other sign systems. The system is designed to handle almost all the applications and materials used in the sign industry. This includes various materials made by many manufacturing techniques, such as printed-paper, engraved, embossed, screen-printed substrates, photo-metal, photo-polymer, vinyl graphics, photo-luminescent safety signs, Braille and tactile, and more. The materials used include polymers and metals of all types, plastics, paper, etc. Any application method, and any material characterized by flexibility and the right thickness, may be used as a sign insert with Vista System frames.

Wall frames

Create wall-mounted signs with the Vista frame extrusions using any flat, flexible substrate to create a curved-face sign.

Paper + lens, engraving plastics, thin metals, laminates.

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Projecting signs

The Projecting signs are designed to accept standard size extrusions which are connected with double sided tape and self drilling screws for added safety. Pre-assembled units are available from Vista.

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Vista System directories are fast, easy and simple to assemble and install. No need for special tools. They accept numerous insert materials and are low in cost.

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Table stands

The Kangaroo sign frame is offered as a complete package: convex frame, aluminum base and end cap, clear/non glare lens. Available in several sizes. Easy to assemble. Easy to change insert.
Designed to accept standard paper or other signage substrates.

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Double sided pylons

Vista system offers a range of bases and end caps that utilize the built in screw bosses allowing all sign holders to be assembled using only a screwdriver.

The system will accept a variety of standard inserts/substrates, including: paper, plastic, metal, laminates, sublimations, metal photo, etc…


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Vista System standard profiles are used with specially designed end caps to create a large variety of horizontally curved double-sided suspended signs. Any flat flexible substrate can be used as a sign insert. Suspended signs are available with clear, matte on-one-side lenses.